Understanding the Prophetic Mind, Temperament, and Calling Seminar

Understanding the Prophetic Persona

Understanding the Prophetic Mind, Temperament, and Calling

The Prophetic . . . For some the mere mention conjures unpleasant images as in: I never want to hear that word again! For others, there’s general confusion and uncertainty. For others, a measure of benefit, mixed with: “I’m tired of the nonsense.”

Over the years, as I have talked to many people individually, I have been both encouraged and surprised by how helpful and impactful some things I have shared can be. Often things I might consider basic, or commonly understood, are “big news” to others. I have come to realize that in spite of about 100 years of Pentecostalism and 50 years of things Charismatic, this matter is still not well understood, particularly from a new covenant perspective of integrated personality wholeness. There is a lot of “giftedness” and “gift expression” out there. Not a lot of wellness.

I decided to offer a compilation of a lifetime of experiences and private conversations into one intensified seminar on this topic.

This will NOT be:

  • another “how to prophesy,” here’s your gift,” here’s your “ministry”, “what is your ministry office,” seminar.
  • a spiritual gift technique, “bless me-give me a word,” let’s indulge ourselves in hours of introspective “propheticness” seminar.
  • based on common Pentecostal and Charismatic stereotypes and expressions of this topic that many might have been exposed to, for better or worse!
  • about gift expression in a meeting
  • only for Ephesians 4 prophets

My burden is for the psychological and relational wellness of prophetic vessels, and those who relate to them in community–for an effective and redemptive kingdom expression of that gift, in a new covenant, grace-based, relational paradigm, integrated into apostolic purpose, mission, evangelism. The emphasis will be on relational health and wellness: within our selves, with God, with one another, and in the world for His kingdom testimony’s sake.

This is for anyone who is, or thinks he/she might be, or has any “prophetic” leanings at all in his or her personality; those who would like to better understand the “prophetic” people in their lives (maybe you are married to one!) and what makes them “tick;” and those called to father/mother/equip/disciple young prophetic vessels.

I am unaware of any opportunity like this “out there.” I encourage you to contact us for more information or to find out when and where the next seminar will be offered. An abbreviated video version is available in the course catalog at stephencrosby.soarlms.com.

Contact us if this would be of value to you!

Testimonies from those who have attended the Prophetic Persona Seminar:

  • Run, don’t walk to this seminar
  • I wish every believer was exposed to the material in this seminar
  • Anyone who thinks themselves to be prophetic, or is in relationship to someone who is prophetic needs to be at this seminar. I wish it was mandatory training for every leader.
  • My paradigm of what the prophetic is has been turned upside down and reoriented.
  • A truly gifted teacher with a gift for articulation that challenges, sets free, and transforms
  • My marriage has been transformed by this material, as I now understand my husband for the first time.
  • Steve Crosby represents the healthiest expression of a NT prophet of anyone I personally know
  • For the first time in my life, I don’t feel like I am crazy
  • I feel like I have been put in touch with my creator for the first time
  • For over 50 years I’ve been troubled by why I see people and the world the way I do and why people react to me so negatively when I try to explain what I see. Now I know! In one weekend, Steve Crosby has masterfully explained in plain English the prophetic temperament and how to properly utilize it for the Kingdom of God. My life has suddenly been transformed from one of near-constant grief and agony over people to one of joyous expectation of what God can do with me now that I know who I am (not to mention the stress levels in my life have gone way down!). I now look forward to using my gifting in a constructive manner for the true benefit of the local body of Christ.
  • I now understand why I respond in life the way I do and why others respond to me the way they do
  • for the first time, I don’t feel like there is something wrong with me.
  • I am a sister, employee and wife of three different prophetic people, each with varying prophetic “facets” and all striving to be at peace with Father, the church and themselves.  This teaching has illuminated their struggles and given me the tools to be an effective help in these relationships, stirring a compassion in me for the misunderstood, misidentified and misused prophetic joints in the body of Christ.  Whether you have a prophetic gift or share any portion of your life with a prophet – home, work, fellowship or family – you will be edified, instructed and liberated through this word.




24 comments on “Understanding the Prophetic Mind, Temperament, and Calling Seminar

  1. Through a directive from Father, I became suddenly and significantly interested in prophets in the late 1970’s. As with all of God’s gifts, prophets who are isolated from the body are vulnerable to being damaged and damaging others. They are meant by God to be integrated with the body, They are to function in tandem with apostles in the foundation of the church.

    I am abundantly blessed to walk at the side of Dr. Stephen R. Crosby. I sometimes jokingly say, “He keeps me out of jail!” I know of no governmental prophet more gifted, learned and capable of speaking to the issues concerning prophets and gifts of prophecy.

  2. I really hope there is a way I can make it to this conference or that the material will be available for those who cannot make it. But I would encourage anyone who can make to this conference to go. It is about time we have some solid understanding in this area of the prophetic. I especially encourage those to go who have grown up with the understanding that the gifts have ceased and have seen much nonsense in the area of the gifts of the Spirit.

  3. I have worked beside gifted prophets throughout the years but would recommend Steve Crosby before anyone else I know or have known. Steve’s teaching goes far beyond the “how to” of so many seminars and ministers to the whole person, bringing balance and a depth of understanding in an that has woefully lacking. The value of what one has to offer can be measured by the integrity of the one bringing the gift. Steve is a man of integrity who has paid the price to live what he teaches.

  4. The prophetic mind and temperament is a daunting task to take on. However, Steve has endured this journey from God the Father and now he shares these pearls of the Kingdom with us. His insights are spot on and likened to fresh bread from the heavens. I am truly blessed to call Steve my friend.

    Professor William Vaughan, PhD
    New Testament Theology, Pepperdine University

  5. Thank you for your ministry. It is sorely needed in the church today. I recently realized and embraced my gifting of “prophet,” realizing that I ‘see’ all these wrong things-not to criticize, but to pray and take my burdens to God. I was freed from bondage and anger at God for “making me this way.” I don’t worry when other people don’t understand why I see things the way I do. I’m working on a balanced perspective and moving completely in love. My exhorter husband is really excited to learn about the need for prophets in the church today. As he says “Most churches are Non-Prophet organizations.” (I’m so full of things God is working in our lives that my writing is disjointed!) I’m so sorry I can’t make it to your seminar. Please consider having it professionally filmed. I would definately purchase a copy and study along with you. I desperately want to be a mature, effective prophet for Christ!

  6. I definitely want to learn more about this part of my heart. Let me know when it is please. The book is awesome, but hearing it spoken would be even more uplifting!

    • Thanks Lynn, if I get enough interest say 10 or 12 that would be willing to invest a weekend like we did in April, we could do it here locally. I have done it in a couple of different places around the country. It went well.

  7. 21 November 2016 —
    I heard of your book on Jon Zens’ ‘site, cruised your website, saw the article on the seminar, but can find no source for either the book or an up-to-date offering of the seminar.
    I assume from postings/comments on your ‘site the book is a result of the seminar (2014AD?)
    I’d appreciate Info on either or both.

    Thanks for your attention & assistance !


    • Hello Kenn, It’s actually the inverse, the seminar is a condensed version of the book. At this time there are no scheduled live seminars. If you are interested in hosting one in your area, let me know.

  8. Hi there, I am pastoring alongside my husband in a large congregation in South Africa. I am also prophetic and am burdened for how often prophetic people are misunderstood. How can we get ahold of your material. I would love a summary to give to other gifts to gelp them to understand better. Thank you.

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