Nothing Else Really Matters

Jesus’ final word on earth to His disciples was to make disciples of all people groups. Making a disciple does not mean getting someone else to agree with my doctrinal particulars. It means partnering with the Spirit of God in His process of transforming a believer into the image of Christ. It is so very easy for sincere believers to become sidetracked and distracted from this simplicity by focusing their time, energy, and resources upon many intriguing topical sub-themes of Scripture. Though “biblically legitimate,” these themes have virtually no bearing at all on what really matters: being transformed into His image as we love God, our neighbors, and each other as He loved us.

If I can explain the mysteries of predestination and free will, the end of all things, or the wonders of the third heaven, but have divorced three women, alienated my children, cheated on my taxes, estranged my coworkers, don’t even know the names of my neighbors, withheld my finances, etc., somewhere, I have missed what really matters. Perhaps it is more likely that I was never introduced to what (Who) really matters in the first place. Unregenerate people are quite proficient at learning “Bible stuff,” and conforming outward behavior to biblical standards through the exercise of unredeemed will power, in order to receive the accolades and acceptance of those deemed able to “promote” them within religious constructs. A person can go “a long way” in “Christianity” relationally disassociated from Christ.  It is a serious matter.

This brief article is excerpted from a foreword written for Don Atkin’s soon to be released new book “Nothing Else Really Matters.” It will be available at Please contact Don for more information.

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  1. in all of our doing we need to be being in heb.5 The Lord makes it clear that true maturity (meat) belongs to those by reason of use knowledge is necessary so is experience but relationship and obedience is the key that unlocks the revelation of the mystery of Christ in us the hope of glory.

  2. For so long we have ignored the fact that we are to make disciples of Jesus! Not of ourselves, our group or our theological/philosophical understanding.
    Good word dear bro!

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