2013 Personal Annual Summary

[wpvideo 5VU2Dh1t]


In years past we have done quarterly and annual newsletters for those who have relationship with us, and who care about us personally and in ministry. I mentioned last quarter that it would be the last and we would be going video for the future. Here is a 15 minute personal, ministry, and family summary for those who are interested!

Thank you to so many who love us, care about us, and support us.

Blessings to you in 2014.

Steve and Rita

5 comments on “2013 Personal Annual Summary

  1. Thank you for having an open space for relationships to meet, grow, and continue in that Love of the Father that so binds us together – such as the gathering my wife and I attended in Charlotte – keep up the good work, the work the Lord has put your hand to. murdock and Jeanne conley

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