Steve is a witty, warm and servant-hearted man in person. His love for and devotion to Christ are manifest in “Christ-likeness”. To have been with Steve on three occasions now and find that he writes with brilliance, authority and truth came as no surprise. What astonished me was that the similarity of what I discovered herein to what I had already planned to publish in the near future. So, if you’ve read my writing on performance-based religion and written it off as my “opinion”, I invite you to sit at the feet of a genuine “rabbi” and hear what THE RABBI (our Savior) has taught this faithful pupil! Thank you, Stephen Crosby, for being a champion of His truth!” – LR

I thank God for Stephen Crosby. He is a prophet but he is also a man with a gentle, tender heart. He is not out to take prisoners or to win arguments. He desires deep transformation in the church in America. – JA

I have read almost 1/2 your book, Authority, Accountability & the Apostolic Movement. i have never read such a well balanced literacy on this subject. – JP

Steve, your teaching is a healing balm in the Church. – CL

You book on apostolic ministry has been a tremendous help. I have found the same problems you mentioned and yet have not given up waiting for true and healthy apostolic ministry to be developed. I also enjoy reading your blog and find your comments right on. – JM

I can’t tell you how much your “Sword of the Kingdom” posts have meant to me. Thanks again for your obedience in conveying the heart of God to His people! – RS

I can’t even put to words how valuable and loved you are, SOOOOO dear to us! You all have saved my life when I was going through some very difficult disillusionment. God has used many of you to bring the reality of Christ in the midst of suffocating religion and depression for me. – JP

The residents in our recovery facility often come forth with deeper insight and acceptance than the staff do – at least initially – until challenged.  They love your articles, so thank you – your writings become part of their discipleship and recovery. – DA

Thank you for all the people you are helping and all the help you have been to us. – CR

I appreciate you – and love the things you share – for they are things coming from the heart, from a heart that is connected to the heart of God – JB

You have an amazing ability to put into words the very things people agonize over.  I know it has come to you with a high price.  Thank you for paying so much that we may benefit from the insight you’ve gained. – MD

I cannot put into words how much edification I found in your book “Authority, Accountability, and the Apostolic Movement” – VC

I’m blown away by the book you sent me; I’m well into it. I put a quote from the book on my e-mail signature. I hope that is ok with you. This is really helping us more than you can imagine. – DD

Steve, your book on praise and worship woke me up to the new covenant reality. I read it back in 2010 and it is truly one of the most influential books along my way. Thank you. – GL

Thank you so much for looking upon me with favor. I just received from the postman the books you sent me ( The Rescue of Matthew 18, Father-Son Ministry & Wealth Transfer and Marketplace Ministry). I just started Marketplace Ministry and I can confidently say it is really good. Its pretty difficult to put it down once I started reading it. Your insights do challenge me. Again thank you so much. A blessing remain in your home. – KS

I have received the link. Thanks so much. Just finished reading ‘ silent killers of faith’. Oh men! This is  en eye opener to me and family. Moving on to read ”Authority,Accountability, and apostolic movement. – TO

This little book about Matthew 18 is a great little treasure. I think that that 5 dollar book could save people a ton of hurt. I personally experienced the “don’t talk” rule by leadership when myself and a group of others had some very serious concerns about doctrine and leadership methods in a church we ourselves were leaders in. – JL

I have just finished reading your book, “Authority, Accountability, and the Apostolic Movement.”  I have to say that in order for you to write this book, I KNOW that you have had to face many trials & tribulations!  In addition, I believe that they were allowed by God in order that you could bring forth a book that is soooooooo FREEING AND LIBERATING!  Your hardship was not in vain!  God has gotten the glory through this book and I am sure He continues to receive the glory from the lives of you and wife and the ministry God has given to you both.  I can say that without knowing you because I truly sensed this from reading your book. – DH

I’m completely shocked at how much of what Steve is talking about is me in my life..without realizing it.Its changing my life and my relationship with the Lord -how I perceive him and how he pertains to me.THANK you Steve Crosby! Thank you Lord for enlightening my soul! – OB

In reading enough of your books, I have seen that heart of Christ in you for your brothers and sisters to be free from legalism and performance based religion. You have no idea how much the Spirit has used your teachings to show me the truth about the new covenant and the death and resurrection of Christ as it pertains to the person God’s made me to be in Christ. I’ve experienced sooo much liberty and peace in trusting God for my life source and no longer trying to do it myself (adamic nature wanting to achieve something). – TC

I wanted to let you know how much I love your articles.  They are such a blessing.  I was reading “Positioned for the next Move of God again. I am truly concerned with how much the church thinks this way.  – MD

I gotta tell you that you are the most straight shooting guy I have ever met. I am honored to know that you have allowed me to be named as your friend. Even if it has only been a few very short years. You have so much going for you my friend and your leadership style is “off the hook” to quote the vernacular. – DF

Thank you very much Dr. Crosby.  I can’t seem to put your books down.  So much rich revelation.  They are just what I need right now.  My theology needs to be shaken up ever so often.  You have made so many powerful statements/points in your book on healing.  It has directly impacted my ministry. – MB

I read Silent Killers Of Faith and it has changed my Pastors life from legalism to New Covenant preaching.  Thank you. – TB

I have to admit I re-read your book in a certain sections a number of times.   It is by far the most extensive
and thought provoking book on legalism I have come across. – RL

I just want to say thank you for your two books I have been reading:  Silent Killers of Faith and Healing Hype or Not.  I can’t put those books down!  The revelation contained in them is just what I need right now.  You are answering many questions I have had for a while. Thank you for bring the preeminence of Jesus Christ and His finished work to forefront.  Please remember Healing Grace in your prayer time.  Tulsa is now open to New Covenant teaching!  Glory!!! – MB

Okay first of all, let me just say that this little book (New Creation Prayer) should be advertised on every media channel, every skyline, every little plane flying above beaches with those little signs trailing….you get my point. I am at a complete loss of words about how much freedom awaits one whose heart is willing to read this book. Some of this revelation, I have been familiar with, but have never gained a fuller understanding on it;  isn’t that just like the deceptive spirit?  Not having the whole truth is, in itself, deceptive.  Some info, however, I just read for the first time. I am not finished with it.  When I am done, I will go back and re-read, read again, until everything the Father wants me to have from it, has soaked my spirit. Steve this is soooo very timely. – KS

The podcasts of the new Jezebel and accountability came yesterday as an amazing tool for my husband and I to deal with the very thing at our church this weekend. It was perfect confirmation to the plans Holy Spirit has given us! I look forward to more confirmation to the Kingdom revelation. JM

I just wanted to let you know we are making headway through your booklet… wealth transfer… what a powerful teaching!!! I have friends coming round just to share this stuff with. I cannot thank you enough for your ministry through these books they are so enlightening… i gotta ask… where did you get to know so very much about Jewish culture to be able to bring so much to light within the context of time… i am so set alight by this and i am sure kindle said I’m about 60% through so there is no doubt much in the way of goodies to come. – JP

You offer a rare blend of fervor for/belief in the working of the Holy Spirit (perhaps even believing in a progressive revelation of the
Kingdom) while maintaining a strong Biblical understanding with particular clarity and conviction on the New Covenant. – EL

Keep ’em coming Stephen. Your book on the Apostolic and Authority set me free from that trap that I was in. I wish I would have seen all of that when I was younger. It would have saved me years of heartache. – MW

I have shared your books (Revising Revival), New Creation Prayer) Steve, I think each church leader needs to read these books, I may buy one for our leaders. – TD

Steve, you know I love this Revising Revival, and yes it is the best I’ve read on this subject in a condensed form… thanks again my friend ! – JM

Just finished the “How New is the New Covenant” series. Amazing. – DM

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  1. I have watched the first two episodes of the Church Refugee Sanity Guide and already I have been helped so much. Thank you for recording these to minister to those who have experienced the trauma of leaving religious legalism. God’s grace heals and the pure gospel will be heard with the revealing power of the Holy Spirit.

        • Our side of the clan migrated from Massachusetts (all Crosbys originally did in the new world) in the 17th century, through the midwest, into Minnesota and then in the late 19th and early 20th century emigrated to the great plains area of Canada (Saskatchewan).

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