Church Refugee Sanity Guide -Children's Ministry in Organic Churches

The Church Refugee Sanity Guide – Part Ten: 'What About Our Children?'

This installment of the Church Refugee Sanity Guide deconstructs religious values regarding our children in “church.” It provides hopeful alternatives to meet the socialization and spiritual needs of our children and youth outside of traditional church constructs. Not attending a traditional church, Sunday school, or youth ministry program is not a liability. It is an opportunity.

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Ministry to Your Children is Not the “Church’s” Responsibility

Family PortraitPeople who profess the Bible as their “sole guide for faith and practice,” often have quite a healthy herd of non-biblical sacred cows grazing on their theological  ranch. One of the largest spiritual Herefords lumbering in the minds of most evangelicals is: “Sunday school, children’s and youth ministries.”  Come near this sacred cow with a gasoline and a match, and you will get a reaction! Guaranteed!

What scriptural mandate is there for the “church,” the “organization,” to provide children and youth ministry? Of course, there is none, not a single verse in either old or new testaments. It’s just a tradition, perhaps beneficial and more benign than others, but a tradition none-the-less.

The scriptures are clear: The spiritual development of our children is the responsibility of parents, and it is the responsibility of leaders and spiritual fathers and mothers to train parents to do their job, not pawn it off to Sunday School teachers and youth leaders, or God-forbid, government social services.

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Is it Dynamic Praise and Worship or Crowd Manipulation?: 'Psychically Working a Crowd Isn't Worship'

300px-Attributes_of_MusicSometimes out of our innocence, and other times out of our naiveté, the church fails to exercise her God-given abilities of discernment, and ends up labeling things as “God,” just because they may be numerically or financially successful.  Jesus nor Paul would be “successes” under that measuring stick.

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