Father-Son Ministry – Limits for Safety: Part 4

It is a mishandling of Scripture to take something that was unique, precious, and limited to specific human beings, at a specific place, at a specific time, in specific circumstances and turn it into something universal for all believers for all time. This is a mistake many make when it comes to “spiritual fathers and sons.”


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Church Refugee Sanity Guide – Part 11 – Money: 'What About Our Giving and Finances?'

Money is one of the most controversial issues in the life of the church. Is there an alternative to the guilt, shame, coercion, and threat-of-being-cursed-based giving of an alleged Malachi tithe, or “I give when I feel the Lord tells me to” mantra? (Which typically translates into: rarely and not much, or when it is convenient, which it never is). Yes, there is. In this final installment of the Church Refugee Sanity Guide, we talk about giving as an integral part of the new covenant and of the life of Christ. It is not just our money. It is about our time and talents as well. Giving can be done cheerfully with grace, love, and liberty apart from any institutional construct.

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Supporting Equippers – Part 4 – Profile of an Equipper: 'Guest Blog by Loren Rosser'

Supporting Equippers - Part 4 - Profile of an Equipper

Supporting Equippers – Part 4 – Profile of an Equipper

One of the reasons we often overlook supporting real-deal equippers is due to the very fact that they are so down to earth, humble, approachable, authentic, and familiar. It is so odd. In our past we readily supporting distant celebrity preachers in a pulpit with whom we may have never had a personal private moment. We voluntarily “tithed” to see that person compensated. Yet now that we don’t do that any more, we react to the idea of supporting those we are close to. If familiarity breeds contempt, it often manifests in our financial relationship to those who truly equip us. This blog is the last of a four-part series by Loren Rosser and is posted by permission.

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Supporting the Equippers – Part 3 – Identifying the Real Deal: 'Guest Blog by Loren Rosser'

Supporting Equippers - Part 3 - Identify the Real Deal

Supporting Equippers – Part 3 – Identify the Real Deal

Most the folks who have angst about supporting equippers have been stuck with the wrong equippers. They’ve encountered the charlatans, the big shot, the power hungry, greedy, selfish, know-it-all, wannabes. Some who have encountered the genuine article didn’t even recognize them as such. Their religious training had taught them that whoever is in the pulpit on Sunday is equipping them for ministry, whether or not real equipping was taking place.  This blog is the third in a four-part series by Loren Rosser and posted here by permission.

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Supporting Equippers – Part 2 – Establishing Us in Christ: 'Guest Blog by Loren Rosser'

Supporting Equippers: Establishing Christ the Foundation

Supporting Equippers: Establishing Christ the Foundation

If someone were to ask me to place a monetary value on the equipping I have received in my life it would be impossible to come up with a number. What value does one place on being grounded in Him?  Coming up with a monetary value is impossible because the things of the Spirit are worth far more than those of the temporal. Yet the scriptures are clear these gifts I have received have economic value. This blog is the second of a four part series by Loren Rosser and is posted by permission.

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Lydia – Seller of Purple: 'Cultural Insights for Apostolic Mission'

Lydia - Seller of Purple

Lydia – Seller of Purple

Acts 16:14 speaks of a woman named Lydia who was a “seller of purple” who responded to Paul’s preaching and offered to host Paul and his team in her home. Lydia’s gender, her being a “seller of purple,” and her means to be able to accommodate Paul and his band are significant to understanding the implications of this passage.

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New Book Release – Money and the Church: A Better Way to Live and Give

Dear friends and family,

We’re happy to announce the release of our latest book: Money and the Church: A Better Way to Live and Give!


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