Lost and Crazy in “Christian-land”

I recently finished a consulting interaction with someone and his “organization,”   trying to help him sort out some issues and relationships within his “family” association.  In the course of dialog and discussion trying to find common ground of doctrinal agreement, the phrase “Jesus is Lord” was considered:

– too “creedal”
– too “controlling”
– too “doctrinal”
– too “limiting”
– too “controversial”
– too “binding”
– too “judgmental”
– too “authoritarian”

This was among confessing “mature?” “believers,””ministers,” and “pastors.”

Begs the question: Confessing what?

Brothers and sisters, I am telling you, it is a wholesale trainwreck out there in “Christian-land.” There is such a reaction to the teaching of sound, authoritative doctrine, from individuals called and gifted to do so, and to submit to those doctrines, that this is the place we have come to. Rabid, rampant, subjectivism reigns. God help us.

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