Prayer and Intercession Part three

Prayer and Intercession – Part Three – Pitfalls to Avoid: 'Thirteen Pitfalls to Avoid in Prayer and Intercession'

Prayer and intercession ministry can have some common pitfalls to avoid. I understand  that not everyone involved in prayer and  intercession has issues in the areas I am about to mention. However, many do. After having had exposure for over forty years to prayer and intercession movements across the world, I believe (and have seen) that those given to intercession can be uniquely vulnerable to the following harmful beliefs and practices:

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What is REAL Spiritual Warfare? PART TWO

Warrior Statue Silhouette and Orange SkyThe response I have received on the original post on real spiritual warfare has been overwhelmingly positive! Thank-you to all who have communicated/posted. However, there were a few voices of criticism who are not too happy with me. Oh, well. Anything worth anything is going to be criticized. Maybe I need to be criticized. On the other hand, maybe the nerve that needed to be hit was hit, and the toe that needed to be stepped on, was. An arrow that hits the intended target is likely to get a reaction. No big deal. Goes with the territory.

I am including here two examples of what real spiritual warfare based on incarnational and transformational authority looks like to me. These testimonies are examples of spiritual warfare that actually MAKES A DIFFERENCE in time and space, rather than esoteric spiritual exercises, that are constitutionally unable to be evaluated for legitimacy and effectiveness. When God really speaks to, in, and through (declaraction/proclamation) through His kingdom-aligned people, in real authority in their metron (sphere of assignment and relationship) in a real prophetic dimension, things on earth REALLY change!

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What is REAL Spiritual Warfare?

Warrior Statue Silhouette and Orange SkyFor quite a few years now, doing “spiritual warfare” has been a trendy topic. Personally, I have begun to question a lot of . . . well, the antics that we sometimes engage in that make a lot of noise, but do not change anything in reality. A handful of believers in Ephesus overturned a city, and as far as we know, they did no “prophetic warfare” against the “spirit of Diana of the Ephesians!”  They did not do spiritual mapping. They did not do “prophetic intercessory” warfare. They simply lived an empowered Christian life in an apostolic dimension of the kingdom.

There has to be more to spiritual warfare than making “prophetic decrees” and “doing war in the invisible heavenlies,” that result in absolutely no visible change on earth over years and years of time

Misunderstanding the difference between demons and principalities and the ekklesia’s engagement with each is part of the reason why real change in time and space is often not realized. This is not the place to do a full unfolding of the important distinction and implications—this is not a treatise on demonology. 

Simply put: demons are cast out of individuals. An ascendant church displaces principalities.

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