The New Marcionism?: 'A Critique by Michael Hardin May 23, 2022'

Those who claim that Jesus–specifically Jesus at the cross–is the final, complete and definitive image of God, clarifying other misrepresentations and misinterpretations of God in Scripture are likely (sooner or later) to be accused by their critics of of being a “Marcionite”. This is a straw-man argument, often coming from folks who should know better.
In this episode, I briefly introduce the topic and share a link to an article by my friend, Michael Hardin. In it, he responds to an article by N.T. Wright who calls a non-violent, non-sacrificial, Christocentric hermeneutic the “New Marcionism.”
I urge you to read the article. For some, it might be too technical if you are not familiar with the issues. However, there is much at stake beyond the slander in the accusation.

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