Jesus is Greater Than Moses: 'Monday Morning Musings - December 14, 2020'

Everyone has a hermeneutic. That is, how they approach and interpret Scripture. For me, Jesus is the final Word of God to humanity and the precise, exact representation of the nature of God as our Father. Jesus’s presentation of His Father is superior to every other person, and every other presentation of God recorded in Scripture. (See John 1:18 and others). The shadow is not the reality. This is how Paul and others described the Jewish (Old Testament) Scriptures. Jesus said: When you have seen me, you have seen the Father. If we try to put characters from the Jewish Scriptures on the same authority level as Jesus, we are going to have difficulty with many beliefs and practices recorded in the Christian Old Testament. We will end up with a schizophrenic God-image (In spite of tortuous attempts at “harmonization”). This is a foundational issue that everyone is going to have to handle, one way or the other. For too many alleged followers of Christ, the veil of Moses is still on their faces.

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