Life in the New Covenant Video – Part 4 – Authority, Leadership and Professional Ministry: 'A New Covenant Perspective'

After months and months of delays and technical challenges, Loren Rosser and I are pleased to release this fourth installment of the video series.  
I join three friends of mine–Jose Bosque, Wayne Jacobsen and Bryon Wiebold–in dialogue on this issue from a New Covenant, grace-based, and love-based perspective.

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Matthew 18: Misunderstanding and Misuse in Conflict Resolution

Misusing Matthew 18

The Misuse and Abuse of Matthew 18

The heavy-handed application of Matthew 18:15-20 leaves a trail of pain, broken relationships, and human carnage among God’s people. Controlling authoritarians use Matthew 18 to silence dissenting speech, prophetic criticism, and to label people as trouble makers–sources of contamination in the assembly that must be purged.

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