Apostles and Apostolic Ministry – Paul’s Apostolic Ethos: 'Monday Morning Musings - June 7, 2021'


In many Charismatic leaning type of congregations the term apostle is used broadly and loosely. Too often it is used as a title implying significance, rank, positional authority, and governmental hierarchy–a hyper-spiritual veneer for naked ego and ambition. Paul’s cruciform “apostolic ethos” is plain and costly. It is also plain that many who profess to be apostles, do not possess it.


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So You Think You are an Apostle: 'Reflections on Modern Day Claims of Apostleship'

Apostle or Poser?

Reflections on being an apostle of Christ

Many today (especially in Charismatic and non-denomination circles) claim for themselves the title and ministry of apostle. Most I have met do not claim equivalency with the twelve disciples of the Lamb. Yet they seem to invariably claim for themselves rights, privileges, primacy of place, and “positional governmental authority in the church” to which others must yield. The phenomenon is sometimes couched in language of “spiritual covering.” What they espouse and claim for themselves as apostles has no biblical legitimacy.

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