The Season for Politics


Our national history is a mixed record. Both sides of the political spectrum try to co-opt it for their use. It is not as angelically glorious as the right-wingers wish it to be (Especially those who want to wrap the flag around the Bible), and it is not as bad as the left-wing apologists for all the ills of humanity want it to be.

Our government is, as Churchill said, “The worst form of government on earth . . .  except for all the rest.”  The same could be said about the USA.

Our history is . . . flawed. Just like the people who made it and the people who implemented it, right or left, D or R.

Reminds me of the ekklesia of Jesus Christ. A noble idea, implemented by imperfect people results in  . . .  our nation’s history (and the ekklesia).

It is the essence of politics to emphasize your opponent’s weaknesses and minimize your own.

I am for reality, not the mythology of either side of the political spectrum. Maturity is the ability to pursue an ideal, while admitting reality.

I think Teddy Roosevelt had a great idea on how to avoid all the hyperventilating bloviation when regarding the responsibility of citizenship in a representative republic, he said:

“Fear GOD . . .  and do your part.”

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  1. A bit of good old common sense, there, Steve. Among, other thoughts, lyrics of 1970s song, from still? liberal songwriter, John Prine; “Well, your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore” Glad you shared Teddy’s quote, Fear God… and do your part. Don’t get me wrong, I get wrapped up in politics about every other day. Wonder, when wrapped up if am in ‘fear God’ frame of mind?

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