The Parables of Christ – Their Uniqueness and Interpretation

Jesus's Parables and how to understand them

The Parables of Christ – Their Uniqueness and Interpretation

Jesus was a storyteller. He understood humans, their social nature, and their learning processes. He was very culturally attuned in an overwhelmingly illiterate society. The parables uniquely entertain, inform, involve, motivate, engage, and mirror existence. Western lecture-based teaching–the transfer of “factual information” to another–cannot reach the depth, breadth, and possibilities that a well-crafted parable can. And parables deliver their punch concisely and infinitely more briefly! Parables are designed to be compellingly interesting. Good parables draw attention, disarm, and facilitate self-awareness and self-instruction. The significance of Jesus’s use of parables cannot be overstated. The need to correctly interpret and apply them also cannot be overstated.

Jesus’ parables are often abused. They are forced to serve meaning and interpretation for which they were never intended. We cannot import centuries of Western Christianity into the parables and expect to arrive at any conclusion consistent with their intent. The parables must be interpreted uniquely as stand-alone-stories. The parables are a unique kind of literature. If you treat parables like a chemistry textbook or a Pauline epistle you will invariably misinterpret and misapply them.

In this six-hour live-stream video seminar we will look at (among other things):

  • the history of story-telling (parables) in antiquity and in Judaism.
  • the different types of parables including direct and double indirect parables.
  • the seven different categories of parables and how each communicates something distinct, in a distinct way. 
  • the rich man and Lazarus, paying special attention to cultural issues using some of the interpretive skills we learn during the weekend.


  • April 13 & 14, 2019
    • Saturday, April 13 – 10 am to 1 pm
    • Sunday, April 14 – 10 am to 1 pm


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