Church Refugee Sanity Guide – Part One: 'What is Happening to Us?'

Next to death of a loved one or a divorce, fewer things are more emotionally and psychologically challenging than changing a “church” association. Often when people begin to question their church experience and consider “leaving,” they feel alone, misunderstood, accused, disoriented, and perhaps even crazy or thinking they are losing their mind. They often feel unloved and unsupported.  In this first session of an  eleven-part series called the Church Refugee Sanity Guide, I introduce the topic and provide a frame of reference for understanding that you are not alone.

Josh Packard has cited a statistic that around the world 65,000,000 people have left, or are considering leaving, institutional expressions of Christianity. These people are sometimes identified as the “nones and dones.”  I trust that through this entire series you will discover it is possible to find a life transforming, enriching, satisfying, and biblically-conformed existence in Jesus Christ, regardless of what type of “meeting” you attend–sanctuary or living room. It is not about venues. It is about values.


Leaving Institutional Religion

Leaving Institutional Religion

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6 comments on “Church Refugee Sanity Guide – Part One: 'What is Happening to Us?'

  1. Hi Steve,
    Daphne from Aus. BRAVO. I am so looking forward to hearing the rest of this series. I, like you, have heard the conversations for a long time, but now am there myself. For myself, I have just made the decision to withdraw myself and resign from the Management Board and the Clinical Advisory Team of the “growing” christian rehab organisation I have been with, because of its growing toxicity one can no longer speak to. Money and Size based at the expense of its valued workers. So I share the journeying from that perspective.

  2. Thank God for this teaching it inspired me to continue on the path God has given me. I left the institutional church in 2003, and although I felt a need to be a part of a ministry. I was never led by the Holy Spirit to rejoin a church as a member. The amazing thing is when I would even consider joining a church there would be something God would allow me to see, and it would prevent me from joining. I thank God for Bro. Jose Bosque for taking the time to model and teach me the things that are already in my heart. Thank you Bro. Steve Crosby.

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