Dancing Around the Truth May Pole

It’s interesting to me to observe how sophisticated, self-justifying and rationalizing,  we all can be (especially preachers) in avoiding the conviction of naked truth. Truth, when it is a philosophical abstraction, upheld with a Bible verse, is like a spiritual May pole . . . everyone will sing and dance around it. Truth when delivered with hammer and nails will be dodged and resisted, and the more biblically proficient someone is, the more adept he/she is at dodging and aversion.

The Adamic nature in all of us, loves every accoutrement of Christianity. It loves the Bible,  memory verses, theological speculations,  ministry, praise and worship, serving others,  going to church, praying, debating doctrine . . . but hates the Cross, because it is there it receives a death sentence.

In our faith communities, we will tolerate many things, for many reasons, to maintain the status quo.  The preaching of the cross and resurrection? That will precipitate open war.  There is a Word of the cross that can be attractive, as it speaks of what Jesus has done for us. We will shout and jump the pews for the Word of the Cross. The word FROM the Cross- “this is the way,” – is far less attractive. It shows us our selves as we really are, and it reveals God’s sentiments toward all our spiritual calisthenics that we are so busied with, trying to show God how devoted we are to Him.

6 comments on “Dancing Around the Truth May Pole

  1. Hey Steve,
    Spoken like someone who has been there. I understand that the only way to life is death and resurrection. The part I’m learning is the living out of this truth. In my life, the death and resurrection of all that I claim is mine must be yielded to Him (death) in order that He may bring life to everything that was once me (resurrection). Ever so slowly, the life I live, I live in and through the resurrection life of Christ. Christianity is the hardest thing anyone can ever be. (not a typo)

    • Hi Craig . . . Amen, you got it. It’s the only way, everything else is a distraction of some sort or another. Often very pleasant, entertainign or even enlightening, yet none the less, distrating.

      Bless you.

  2. Thought I’d add a few comments. Early in my faith walk I was fortunate to get material by past and present teachers in the Jesus Movement as it was then called. It helped me get a better understanding of what one called, “The Way of the Cross.” Later I got a deeper understanding thru reading “The Spiritual Man.” I had an intellectual grasp of all this until I started further along the road. Like many I hit a lot of roadblocks and deadends. Stubborn as I was and having nothing but Jesus I moved forward. While not there yet I know He has me in His hand. Have to be careful and not get into too much introspection. I’m one of those “mystical” types you mentioned. So I am very cautious and check, and double check, everything out. Appears you’ve ran into some of that, likely more than I have. I can’t be a spiritual “Lone Ranger.” I’ve learned to pray and ask about the truthfulness of things, especially if I get really excited about something. Could be just me.
    Truth is a “two-edged” sword as an old saying goes. I want to stay grounded in His Word, and not rely on every “bump and tingle” I may get thru some worship experience nor a teaching that just feeds my ego. Head and heart as I say, even in counseling, must line up.

      • I’m glad you got my email. Was afraid I’d lost everything when the system froze. Techs helped me get it back.
        A scriprture has been running thru my mind lately. It puts what I’m going thru in a better light. “All who would live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” I’ve always seen it in context of walking w/Him. Not stupid things I may do that cause trouble. That old Adamic nature with its own “stinking thinking” causes enough problems. Too bad the old Holiness people were off when some talked about a third experience when one entered “sinless” perfection. Trials and tribulations are for a purpose. Nowadays I’m more apt to ask “where is God in this situation,” and what can I learn and/or do in my need to grow into maturity in Him.

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