Marriage Rx – Medicine for the Common Marriage

Live-Stream Seminar January 12 & 13, 2019 - Marriage Rx

Marriage Rx Live-Stream Seminar January 12 & 13, 2019

This 7-hour video seminar presents the New Covenant biblical foundations for a marriage relationship that is not based in patriarchy,  hierarchy, and authority. And this is not just for married people! Four of the seven sessions deal with practical issues of conflict resolution in any human interpersonal relationship: marriage, job, church, work, school, etc.  Some statistics indicate that the marriages of professing believers end in divorce as often, if not more so, than non-believers. Some statistics also indicate that between 70-80% of the children raised in Christian families, after they reach 21 years of age will never participate in a faith community for the rest of their lives. Something is clearly “not working.” Doubling down on biblically inaccurate authoritarian models of marriage, family, church, and interpersonal relationships is not the answer. Those models are part of the problem. 


Session 1  – Designing from Disaster

  1. A fresh look at the Genesis narrative to deconstruct some common misbeliefs and perceptions about God’s eternal purpose and pattern for the marriage relationship.
  2. Extracting centuries of Western (American) cultural projections, intrusions, and assumptions from the text. 

Session 2 – Facing the “Head” Winds

  1. Examining Paul’s use of the term “head” in his Epistles.
  2. Identifying and extracting Western cultural intrusions and assumptions from the texts.

Session 3 – Yours, Mine, and Ours

  1. The image of God, values conflict, identifying and not judging the “treasure within” others.
  2. Different by divine design – Differences are not defects.

Session 4 – Captain Hook and the Love Pirates

  1. What cruciform love looks like, and why relationships fail when it is not present.
  2. What happens when eros meets agape.

Session 5 – Rebels Without a Cause

  1. Identifying and overcoming the Control-Rebellion-Rejection Cycle

Session 6 – The Blame Game

  1. Identifying and overcoming the Shame-Accusation Cycle

Session 7 – I Suffer Not Proof-Texting

  1. A detailed look at 1 Tim 2:11-15 paying particular attention to its culture and context
  2. What was going on in Ephesus? What was going on in the ekklesia in Ephesus? What issues were being addressed? Who was being addressed and why? 


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Testimonies from Viewers

  • “This material saved our marriage”
  • “. . . eye-opening . . .”
  • ” . . . challenging . . . “
  • ” You answered so many lingering questions and doubts I have had for a long time . . . “
  • “Thank you for sharing this . . . I have never heard any thing like it in any church I have attended”
  • “Awesome seminar, as usual.”


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    • Hi Ryan, you did not miss it. The seminar is January 12 and 13, 2019. There is no book form of this material, the archived video will be available to anyone who registers for the seminar by the deadline, for any donation amount. After the deadline, there will be a $75.00 charge for the archived video.

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