God Life Consulting: Conflict Resolution

God Life Consulting: Christian Conflict Resolution Services

God Life Consulting: Christian Conflict Resolution


In an ideal world, conflict resolution would never be necessary. However, reality is, even among Christians, ministries, churches, marriages, and relationships problems can escalate to the point where without mediation, relational breakdown and pain will be inevitable.

If you or the ministry you are associated with find yourself in one of these painful situations, you do not have to face it alone. God Life Consulting can collectively provide you with almost 200 years of experience in church life and ministry of all kinds: pastoral leadership, institutional and organic constructs, marriage, and team and relationship building. 


God Life Consulting specializes in providing redeeming and remediating consulting and resources for:

  • Church conflict
  • church splits
  • pastor burnout,
  • mismanagement
  • staff problems
  • interpersonal relational conflicts
  • marriage and family conflicts
  • problems with sexual immorality, money, control, authoritarianism, and power
  • contention and strife
  • financial mismanagement,

Not only can God Life Consulting work redemptively for you, but we can equip you preventively you with consulting skills and resources such as:

  • ministry assessments
  • leadership and team assessments
  • preventive policy development and implementation
  • personality, gift, calling, and identity profiles and assessments
  • corporate wellness
  • individual healing, restoration, and transformation

What Conflict Resolution Resources and Methods Do We Use?

At the heart of our core values and principals is that God’s people need consulting God’s way. The church is not a business! It is a family that manifests God’s love to a needy world.

We believe that The Lord Jesus is really alive from the dead and that His Spirit is really alive in us, and in the world. We give Him primacy of place and function in all that we do. We worship Him, not human techniques, methods and programs.

We believe that all relational breakdown, conflict, etc., is at its core a failure of love. We endeavor to operate in grace and truth, through transformative and empowered love that heals, restores, and sets free. Our ministerial objective is: individual and corporate wellness in body, soul, and spirit, not church growth! We believe wellness and conformity to the image of Christ is its own value and end, not merely a means to church growth.

We believe in the power of prayer and in a God who still supernaturally speaks to the specifics of individual lives in a way that only the Holy Spirit can do through a many-membered, praying family. We believe in asking, and we believe in receiving. Consulting God’s way is the only way to really help God’s people.

So give us a call and lets get back on the road to recovery and healing!

2 comments on “God Life Consulting: Conflict Resolution

  1. I am quite sideways with a local church and that relationship has spread to other churches with little or no chance of resolving on its own. The past four years have been horribly difficult for me. I feel strongly spiritual abuse has occurred and I acknowledge something in my life which allowed it to occur.

    I would like to investigate retaining your services to assist in resolving this issue. What would that consist of?

    God Bless,
    Roger Branson

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