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The files on this page are provided free of charge.  Our books and CD’s, and other electronic media files (Kindle, pdf, E-pub) are available at  Please note, some of these files were recorded in live venues in which we had no control over the sound quality. Some of the files are large, and depending on your ISP download speeds, could take a while to download. All files are copyright protected Stephen Crosby, Stephanos Ministries. Please do not duplicate or distribute these files without our permission. Email us at for permission requests.

Be Ye Thankful

Suffer Not a Woman? Part 1

Suffer Not a Woman? Part 2

How new is the New Covenant? – Sess. 1

How new is the New Covenant? – Sess. 2

How new is the New Covenant? – Sess. 3

How new is the New Covenant? – Sess 4

How new is the New Covenant? – Sess 5

How new is the New Covenant? – Sess 6

How new is the New Covenant? – Sess. 7

How new is the New Covenant? – Sess. 8

How new is the New Covenant? – Sess 9

Dancing Dogs

Redemptive Purpose in Rejection


15 comments on “Free Media Downloads

  1. Dear brother Crosby,

    Thank you for the message i have read and it is very encouraging to me and the Church at large here in uganda too. Yes, God does different things at different times and places, so that we may know His ways as He used you when you visited North America with the friends who are living there.
    Thank you very much for that and i love it.

    God bless you much with your family.

  2. I idenified to this message. This is what my Lord and I have been talking about lately. I am praying God “I only have a few more years left and I want them to honor and be value to you. Most of our influence is from the world view, but I want the most influence and meaningful times to come from His leading. I want His spirit to rule and reign over the flushly part of me and love His people and see God in them
    Great message with the heart of God in it!

  3. Steve,

    Been listening to the New Covenant Teachings. This is great stuff! It gives me a ton to meditate on and chew on. Thanks for your passion and I pray that this message gets out to many more believers!

  4. In new covenant session 9, you demonstrate Grace with a member of the audience. Since I was unable to see what you were doing, could you please describe. It sounded like a very interesting demonstration.

    • Chad, I honestly can’t remember, but I may have run to him, fallen on him, and wrapped my arms around him. Grace is not mere acquittal . . . it is participation in the covenantal life of the Godhead by participatory life, which includes acquittal from sin. the lesser is included in the greater.

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