Revelation Through Eastern Eyes – Live Stream Seminar – Sept. 22-23, 2018



Really? Another seminar on Revelation? God spare us. Normally, that’s how I would feel about this topic. The fixation on the Revelation in Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism is a manic money-making machine. However, this live-stream will be unlike anything I experienced growing up in Evangelicalism: we will not be trying to predict the future! Rather, we will endeavor to look at the Revelation through the lens of first century, Second Temple era metaphors and cosmology. What would a Mediterranean-basin, Jew/Gentile audience understand from the imagery in a letter full of Jewish apocalyptic themes?

In the debates about whether or not the Revelation should even be considered canonical, St. Augustine cast a “yes” vote as long as it was understood that the book would not be used to predict the future. I find it beyond ironic how those whose entire theology (Evangelical Fundamentalism) is based on Augustine’s doctrines, ignore their founder’s point of view on Revelation!

Also, we will not talk about the various schools of interpretation and try to convince you of one or the other.  Neither will we  talk about modern geopolitical Israel/Zionism, the rapture, the last days, Armageddon, the tribulation, the anti-Christ and on and on–as is so tediously common.

What then?

We will look at the imagery in the Revelation from an ancient, Mid-Eastern perspective. All modern doctrines and schemes about this book are anachronistic. They are based on Western assumptions and presumptions: Western metaphors,  imagery,  symbolism, worldview, cosmology, politics, and culture. The result? Pure nonsense being passionately propagated as “Bible doctrine.”  The Revelation was not written by, to, or for Western people.  This will not be a verse-by verse treatment.  Rather we will touch only highlights in different chapters where differences between Eastern and Western perspectives could have significant bearing on our understanding and application. 

The goal is to equip you with non-anachronistic, culturally and cosmologically accurate “raw data” and let you come to your own conclusions on how Revelation should be interpreted and applied.


September 22-23, 2018


Saturday, September 22 and Sunday, September 23 — 10 am to 1pm CDT, both days. Archived video will be available for all registrants until October 7, 2018. After that, there will be a fee to access archived video.

What You Will Need

You will need a modern computer and a stable, high speed, internet service. If you can watch Youtube videos without freezes and buffering you should be all right. No technical support will be provided during the live stream. If you will be viewing from a private residence, no one else should be online or using internet bandwidth at your location/site during the live stream. If viewing from an internet cafe or other public source, check with management to assure you will be able to watch the live stream without interruption problems.

How to Register and Cost

For those who participated in our last seminar, you should know that only about 10% of the people who participated contributed anything financially. I sincerely thank those of you who did contribute. However, such a poor response necessitates that we do this on a fee-based structure.

Whether participating real-time in the live stream or watching the archived video, everyone must register. For folks who contribute any amount to the ministry on a monthly basis, there is no charge. For others, the cost is $50.00 per email/viewing screen. That is, one person can register and you can gather as many people around the screen as you want, with no extra charge.

To register simply go to the PayPal donate button on this page or at and donate $50.00. Please put RTEE in the memo section. That way we will know it is your registration. You will receive a clickable link and a password access code to access the live stream and the archived video. 



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