The Development of the Doctrine of Hell

Development of the Doctrine of Hell

Great-informative-superb-balanced-amazing-transparent-honest-challenging-paradigm shifting-loved it-makes me want to learn more . . . These are some of the comments people have used to describe the Development of the Doctrine of Hell video series. If you missed it, the videos are now available!

On November 4 & 5, 2017, I  conducted a seminar entitled: The Development of the Doctrine of Hell.  If the topic interests you (see below) the videos (6 hours) from this event are available for downloadable streaming at your convenience!   
Simply go to, go to the course catalog, check-out the course, (register as a student if you have not) and the video series will auto-populate into your student account one video at a time  (Session 2 will be available after you  have completed session one, etc.). 
If finances are a problem for you, I understand. There have been many times in my life where having funds meant the difference between eating or not eating, paying a bill or not paying a bill. We have scholarships available.
Simply email me at to request a scholarship application. Fill it in, return it to me, and your application will be reviewed. We will communicate with you via email if you qualify for either a full or partial scholarship. I do not want anyone to be unable to access this material because of financial limitations. The genuinely poor and those under financial duress, will not be denied access. 

What Will You Learn? 

  1. The Bible speaks of nine possible different versions of hell. Most people think there is just one.   You will learn about all nine and why and how the doctrine has gotten so messed up over time.
  2. You will learn about Jewish and ancient burial practices, and the values associated with death, and what was important to them and how it affected the emergence of a doctrine of hell.
    1. The concept of hell was not a consistently defined or static idea in Jewish theological thought. It was very fluid.
  3. You will learn about to what Jesus was referring when he spoke of “Ge-hinnom” and what it meant to Him and His hearers.
  4. You will learn about the historical development of the doctrine in pagan thought, in Jewish history, up to and past the Christian era.
  5. You will learn about the conflict between different streams of thought about hell in the early church. There was never a consensus on the topic of hell.
  6. You will learn about the three different types of “God’s justice” of which the Bible speaks (yes, there are three), and how they relate to, and affect, the doctrine of hell.
  7. You will learn about Augustine’s vast influence upon all of western Christianity (mostly negative, in my opinion) including on today’s popular concept of hell, the lake of fire, etc.

 . . .  and much more in 6 hours of instruction over two days.

What Level is the Instruction?

This will be introductory, undergraduate (college) level teaching. It will assume viewers have a fairly high degree of biblical literacy and familiarity with the scriptures. The presentation will be rich in background culture, history, context, and Biblical language understanding.
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