Church Refugee Sanity Guide – Part Seven: 'What About Community and Fellowship?'

Fellowship and Community

Church Refugee Sanity Guide – Part 7, What about Fellowship and Community?

Often when leaving a traditional Christian church expression, the question arises? “What will I do for community and fellowship?” In this session of the Church Refugee Sanity I provide some key questions to ask yourself that moves the thought processes past “organic versus institutional church” arguments that really miss the point. Being “meeting-centric” is the problem, not the form of the meeting. Learn how to find rich and fulfilling fellowship apart from routine church meetings . . .  of any sort. It is not about finding a perfect meeting form that you or I may “like.” The question is: “Are we assignable to relationships by the Holy Spirit or not?”


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  1. Catching up on this series … once again, so needed. This is exactly where the Lord has been taking my own mind and heart. Thank you.

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