Church Refugee Sanity Guide – Part Eight: 'What About Praise and Worship?'

Praise and Worship - The Most Sacred, Sacred Cow

Church Refugee Sanity Guide – Part Eight – Praise and Worship: The Most Sacred, Sacred Cow

When it comes to the most sacred of sacred cows in the Christian herd, praise and worship is the lead steer. In this installment of the Church Refugee Sanity Guide, I take a look at the theology, methods, and values behind much evangelical worship expression.

“I just will miss the praise service so much.” “Worship leading is my ministry. How will I express it if we don’t have regular corporate gatherings?” These, and questions like them, often occupy the minds of those considering leaving traditional expressions of Christianity. The experience of corporate worship, and the venue for the expression of musical and vocal gifts is a primary concern for many. Experiencing and participating  in a vibrant “worship” experience need not be absent in non-traditional meeting structures. However the theology, methods, and values we are used to all need a new covenant update. We must send the most sacred lead steer to the butcher shop.


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