City-Wide Unity: Reality or Romanticism

Unity – What the Real Thing Looks Like: 'Romanticism or Reality at a City-Wide Level'

So you believe in “city-wide” Church unity?

Saying you believe in unity is like saying you believe in gravity: It is self-evident and doesn’t mean much. It is in the making of unity where the real work lies. Programmatic and event-based attempts at church unity are at best temporary relief for our nagging conscience. They rarely produce lasting results. Why? As long as leaders and churches cling to their right to these things there will never be John 17-type unity:

  • money
  • power
  • control
  • status/ego/reputation/fame
  • assets
  • success

Sooner or later, these issues must be faced if John 17-type unity is to be realized.

I have had the pleasure of being in a city where REAL unity is happening—churches across denominational and doctrinal (including Catholic to Protestant and vice versa) lines giving MONEY to each other . . . lots of it: hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and millions of dollars—with no strings attached. Churches that offer volunteer resources to OTHER churches to help them succeed—no strings attached. Churches that give away assets/buildings, etc., to OTHER churches to help them succeed—no strings attached. It is a city where a few leaders are waking up to the fact that it doesn’t matter who gets the glory, the credit, the fame, the reputation–leaders who recognize that it is not about “local church growth,” or “the success of my ministry,” but rather, what is the BEST FOR THE COMMON GOOD, at a city-wide level. It is happening—without:

  • hierarchal organization
  • high-profile senior leadership
  • celebrity leadership
  • “apostolic” headship, or any other kind for that matter
  • city-wide unity events, etc.
  • city-wide “administration” of a new “unity group” to which we all must belong

It is happening organically as the overflow of love and a VALUES TRANSFORMATION between people who care for each other on an individual level, but large scale.

Until leaders and believers come to grips with the issues above, all attempts at unity, as sincere as they might be, will be like putting water in a bucket with a hole in the bottom.

I am not going to name the city. Why? Because doing so plays into our need to run some place and try to find a “pattern to copy,” or a “celebrity leader to follow,” or “to take some training to see how it is done,” or try to package the “latest unity model.”

We have already been given everything necessary for life and godliness—every one of us. We just need to get on with it—free of the corrupt values that put a hole in the bottom of the Jesus unity bucket.

Imagine if when “church leaders,” church “boards,” etc., got together they asked one simple question when facing decisions: What is best for our city? rather than “What is the best for this church?” My, what a transformative revolution we would see! We are as revived as we want to be.

For more regarding the cost of pursuing genuine unity, click here.


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2 comments on “Unity – What the Real Thing Looks Like: 'Romanticism or Reality at a City-Wide Level'

  1. Beloved brother Steve,

    Good morning … It has been a few weeks since we last spoke to one another via Skype.

    Actually, did I ever inform you that I have been part of a group or team for ONE Body Life located at

    In fact, I do find it rather co-incidental that you’d written about our failure as believers in answering our Christ’s prayer and call for ALL new covenant believers to be ONE with Him … just as He was ONE with His indwelling Father ….

    Having said that, I’d be willing to start picking up with you again: Sharing some of my experiences since we last chatted on Skype, see whether you’d be open for you possibly contributing towards ONE Body Life at, updating my intended ‘The Spirit-Driven Life: Engaging the Inner Journey’ etc.

    Love in Christ,

    Philip 😉

    • Hi Philip. Last time we talked you were going on vacation for a while, or out of town or something. I would be glad to engage if we can get the calendar to align, which may be a challenge. I am going to be unusually busy this fall (Sept-Nov) but we can try. 🙂

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