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The Church Refugee Sanity Guide – Part Ten: 'What About Our Children?'

This installment of the Church Refugee Sanity Guide deconstructs religious values regarding our children in “church.” It provides hopeful alternatives to meet the socialization and spiritual needs of our children and youth outside of traditional church constructs. Not attending a traditional church, Sunday school, or youth ministry program is not a liability. It is an opportunity.

Children/youth ministry is one of the top three most contentious topics in any local church. The other two are money and praise and worship. I have already covered praise and worship in a previous session of the Church Refugee sanity Guide. Money and finances will be the next and final session of this series.

Unfortunately, the socialization needs of our children is often a primary motivator for many people when they consider the question of: “Where should we go to church?” In the hierarchy of kingdom values we should consider when making important life decisions, whether or not our children maintain their social friendship networks does not belong at the top of the list. Considered, yes. Determinative, no. When non-biblical things that we may enjoy in our Christian liberty (Sunday School, youth ministry, etc.) become definitive of what it means to “do church,” or determinative of how we make kingdom decisions, we are in trouble.


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  1. I was wondering if you have a contact number. I’m in Jerusalem. I would like to speak to someone. I enjoy the teaching and the spirit.

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