The Incarnation: 'God Dwells Among Humanity'

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The Incarnation

Without getting into all the technical language details, the Prologue to John’s Gospel makes some profound declarations concerning Jesus. Jesus is the localized presence of God in the earth and Jesus is the glory (shekinah) of God. Jesus has replaced the Temple as the localization of both. That’s a pretty gutsy declaration for a Jew to make. A few observations:

  • So sad for our Jehovah’s Witnesses neighbors–they just don’t get it.
  • So sad, for our friends in the so-called Jewish roots restorationist movement–they just don’t get it.
  • And for the folks from my tradition, who in the so-called “worship choruses” and worship times, sing and carry on for sometimes hours about “shouting the glory down” or having the “glory fall” or “dancing the glory down”, etc.– they just don’t get it.
More seriously, we reinforce and imprint Old Covenant mindsets, modalities, and paradigms in the minds of people every time we sing those choruses. And then we wonder why people struggle and are so messed up. Here’s why: our “worship team” has passively conditioned them to Moses, not Jesus, because we like the way a catchy tune and beat makes us “feel.”

John 17:22-23 ff – Father, the glory that I had with you from the beginning I have given them (Past Tense).

That glory is the glory of a Father-Son relationship in the quality of Trinitarian covenantal love. We don’t have to do charismatic gymnastics to experience it. We just need to pay attention to one another as it has pleased God to put that glory in clay pots. Frankly dear ones, a lot of what goes down in my tradition is anti-incarnational. It is Gnostic/Docetic, not Christian. Folks seem to either not know or not care, or both. Why? People attend and pay to be stimulated. It is all very, very unwell spiritually, theologically, psychologically, and emotionally.
At this time of year, let’s really celebrate . . . with understanding . . . the marvel and joy that is God in the flesh, who has and does “tent” among humanity.
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