We Don’t Need to Know: 'How to Handle Personal Spiritual Experiences'

Photo by Zachary Spears on Unsplash

How to Handle Spiritual Experiences

The Spirit of the Lord could subjectively instruct you to take all the pots and pans out of your kitchen and bang on them and make a joyful noise unto His Name. You could have a legitimate, transcendent, spiritual experience doing so. That does not mean:

  1. The rest of us need to know about it.
  2. The rest of us need to listen to it.
  3. You should write a book about the latest revelation of pot banging.
  4. You should write a “how-to” workbook of the “Seven steps to follow so: “You too can have a transcendent pot-banging experience!”
  5. That you should start a home group and do a study on pot-banging.
  6. Your pastor needs to do a sermon series on the importance of pot banging.
  7. You must share a Sunday night testimony about it.
  8. The rest of us are “unprogressive” “old wine skin” if we don’t bang pots with you.
  9. The rest of us need to receive inner healing to be able to embrace the pot banging revelation.
  10. Just because you think you have a justifying biblical proof text that you have found some great lost truth in the scriptures
  11. Just because you have a biblical proof text means the rest of us should be pot-bangers.
  12. You are spiritually superior to the rest of us non-pot-bangers.
It just means you get to enjoy the moment, and keep it to yourself–unless the radiant life of Christ coming through you as a result of pot-banging creates hunger in others and they ASK you to tell them about your spiritual experience that has had such a transformative effect on your life.  Make application where needed!

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