Truthing It!: 'Monday Morning Musing October 12, 2020'

Truth is biblically defined as fidelity in relationships, not accuracy of our doctrine derived from the Bible. The Great Commandment is fundamentally relational. Jesus called himself the “Truth” because he had maintained relational fidelity toward and with God AND humanity. People who are informed about the Bible, but who exist in relational dysfunctionality, misrepresent Christ and His Gospel.




Bros in a Basement Podcast – Bryon Wiebold and Steve Crosby

If you have not found us yet, my good friend Bryon Wiebold and I have been doing a podcast since February of this year called: Brothers in a Basement, also known as Bros in a Basement. We are approaching 9,000 listens downloads. Responses have been phenomenal. We enjoy doing it together. We currently have over 50 episodes there on a variety of topics. Give it a listen

The Church Refugee Sanity Guide – Part Nine – Evangelism: 'Taking the Dread Out of Evangelism'

Taking the terror out of evangelism. Church Refugee Sanity Guide Part Nine

Church Refugee Sanity Guide – Part Nine – Evangelism

In this installment of the Church Refugee Sanity Guide, I take a fresh look at the topic of evangelism and discipleship apart from traditional theology, mindsets, and methods.

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The Actual and the Ideal: Tips for Relational Survival

hfeelingsMany years ago, a poem of sorts called “The Actual and the Ideal” caught my attention while visiting a friend’s home. I cannot give original credit to the author as I do not know who wrote it, and different sources attribute it to different people. Its profound implications on all of life, within and without the Church, are worth considering. The terms “incarnate and incarnation” used in this article mean: to give flesh to, to embody, to manifest or demonstrate. Put commonly: “Let’s see it, not just talk about it.”

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2013 Personal Annual Summary

[wpvideo 5VU2Dh1t]


In years past we have done quarterly and annual newsletters for those who have relationship with us, and who care about us personally and in ministry. I mentioned last quarter that it would be the last and we would be going video for the future. Here is a 15 minute personal, ministry, and family summary for those who are interested!

Thank you to so many who love us, care about us, and support us.

Blessings to you in 2014.

Steve and Rita

Surprised When “Doctrine” Isn’t Enough

surpBeing a life-long (now semi-lapsed) charismatic believer, I have seen a lot of things: some wonderful; some horrid. Many years ago I was imprinted by a powerful lesson about kingdom life beyond the boundaries of doctrinal understanding.

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My Church is SO Anointed That . . .

On the lighter side . . .

  • Even the self-appointed tambourine player in the back plays tastefully on tempo.
  • Everyone really IS dancing when we get to the bridge of “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”.
  • Our heavenly portals are so big, you don’t have to go to the front of the church to get in.
  • The wooshing sound you hear IS NOT the pastor blowing into the mic.
  • Cars in the parking lot leak anointing oil.
  • Cyclists avoid our block because their chains keep on breaking.
  • We’ve removed our nursing mother’s room. Our babies eat meat.
  • When the strongman sees us coming, he ties himself up to save time.
  • We have a  balcony for the angels and orbs to sit in.
  • We have an ESL class for people whose first language is tongues.
  • We ARE the 8th mountain of culture.
  • The demons in our sound system have left and moved in to yours.
  • Money doesn’t “cometh” to us, we print our own.
  • Gold bricks instead of dust hit us and slay us in the spirit.

Adapted, expanded, and reposted by permission, Jeremie Karan and David Moore.