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  1. I like the perspective you have; refreshing and Very comforting! I was converted 13 years ago and really struggled as a new believer through all the stuff I witnessed going on in the church that I withdrew from and took a lot of heat for. I was considered the least spiritual person for not participating in rather silly things such that you spoke of. An exchange of Him for “it”. SomeONE for SomeTHING. People needing to experience the “spiritual” by being somehow “spiritual”. Saved–yes! Kind, yes! Very giving and loyal people. But each person had to “prove” their spirituality by seeing angels, or having a “vision” or a “word” or “prophecy”. The gift of discernment doesn’t seem glamorous on the surface, but OH, so necessary!

    • That is very encouraging to me, Kay. Thank you. I understand taking heat for asking questions of things. Borrowing from Hans Christian Anderson, emperors do not like being told they are naked. IF they don’t like the message, they attack the messenger. Happens all the time. Pretty normal.

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