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23 comments on “Books and Materials

  1. Mr. Crosby,
    My wife and I seem to be on a similar journey the last few years. Listened to you on youtube at a time when I felt very much alone and being a pioneer wasn’t feeling very good.Thanks for the reminder it’s nice to know your not the only one having to duck in the crossfire it helped!

    Blessings on you and yours,
    Jon Moore, Hendersonville, Nc.

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  4. Hi Steve… I cant find the free book download you mention about surviving a bad church eperience… could you email it me or drop a link please?

  5. I realized today I had not received anything from you in a long time. I don’t know why. Re-subscribed today. The four things you mention in Love never Fails that people keep looking for are exactly the things that have bothered me a long time (new revelation, etc.).

  6. Hello Stephen,

    I always enjoy reading you on facebook . You cannot even imagine how many times God spoke in to my heart through your posts.

    thank you,

    “russian Babushka” on Facebook.

  7. I have been reading things you have written for quite some time now and love your insight and the way you convey the message with simplicity and love.
    Thank you

    • Dear Sir or Madam, your email address is not in any of our subscriber lists. I do not know how you are receiving notification emails from us. If you could forward any email claiming to be from us to, including all header information, I promise I will investigate the matter and try to resolve it.

  8. I have a very small ministry of which I am the only one contributing. I help the homeless, incarcerated, and minister to disabled Veterans in this ministry. I do this because the main churches do vety little to reach out to these types of people. It is 501c3 and I read your articles about 501c3. Is there a reason not to do 501c3 in my situation or is there a better way?

    Thank you for your time

  9. I recently found your YouTube channel & am currently going through the Church Refugee Sanity Guide series. I was hoping to find some worksheets/notes to help with this study.

    I know you have directed others to for such resources, but every time I click/enter the link/URL, I receive an error that the site is unavailable. Has this page moved or been deleted? If so, how might I obtain the materials I’m searching for?

    Thank you so much for your ministry. I have been very blessed by what I have seen so far & look forward to exploring more of your teachings.

    • Hi thank you for writing. Yes, the .com site no longer exists. Some of those references are dated. All my resources, video, electronic print (Kindle, pdf, e-pub) are only available in the course catalog at Some resources are free, some with charge. I do not have worksheets/notes for that particular series. I am glad the series is helping you. All softcover books are available only through

  10. So how do you take out tax for Federal and State if a non 501 (c)3 Ministry?
    Do you just take it out like in your own name, and pay the taxes under your own name?
    I am trying to start a small outreach ministry and need to take donations for some things.
    I do not want to file for Non Tax Exempt status. For one the Ministry is basically me and a couple other people when they can help. I am confused on how toy take out the taxes for donations. My thought on it is, I would just take out a % of each donation for taxes.
    for example if I get a $100 donation and taxes are 15% I would just take out the 15% for the IRS. The rest I can then use for the Ministry. That is what I understand. But do I get a (DBA) with Ministry name, or just take it out and file under my own name?


    • It is all just individual status, and the ministry income is just personal income and I pay personal taxes on it. Yes, I use a DBA with its own EIN. I think the current IRS limit is up to $15,000 year personal gifts can be received that are not taxable. That amount might have recently gone up. Anything above that is parsonage allowance (taxable, but exempt from social security) and if I exceed my parsonage allowance plus the 15 K total for personal gifts (which never happens at my level of income) I take schedule C deductions like any other business, and pay taxes on what ever. I make personal offerings, benevolence and other donations out of my personal income and I don’t care if I get a tax deduction for them or not. If they qualify, fine. If they don’t fine.

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