Wholeness Versus Correctness

If we care more about our opinions of Scripture, than Christ and His interests in humanity, He will faithfully discipline us. He frequently does this with pain, often relational pain. Strongly held religious opinions about Scripture are often a mask to hide personal brokenness. We would rather be “right” about a point of doctrine than “healed and whole.”  Being right about doctrine does not cost us our pride. Being made whole does.

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4 comments on “Wholeness Versus Correctness

  1. Reminds me that knowledge puffs up (inflates ones opinion of ones self) but love builds up (edifies).

    It is by our fruits that they shall know…and by this will all ment know that you are my disciples, that you love one another.” Purify your selves through a sincere love of the brethren.”

    It is much easier for me to walk in the futility of my mind than in love…which does not seek its own but what is best for the beloved.

    I have found that is is much easier to have oneness of thought rather than to be a part of one another. I have been seeking to have the Lord cut away all this legalistic growth and let me begin to manifest that first mentioned fruit of the spirit…LOVE.

    By the way Steven, I love you bro…….as long as you agree with my assessment!

  2. I like this. One of the things the lord has been working with me on is to resist the temptation to give people my opinions about scripture (and I have a-lot of them). I am learning to be sensitive to what the Lords interests are with the people I interact with realizing that without the Holy Spirits direction there is NO WAY I can possibly know what another person needs. It’s hard for those of us who are “truth wired” to think that God might not really be interested in that at a given time in someones life because we think “truth” as we tend to understand it will fix everything.

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