Sons and Miracle-Bullies

There’s much hubbub these days about miracles, signs,  and wonders. I’m as pro-supernatural as anyone on the planet can be. I’ve experienced many exciting supernatural phenomena in my life. I just refuse to make merchandise or a reputation out of them.

Would you consider something with me? If Jesus’ life span was approximately thirty-three years, and if His ministry was approximately three years, that means He spent thirty years in sonship and three doing miracles. A ten to one ratio: thirty years of “non supernatural” sonship, and three years of “stuff.”

There are voices, personalities, and teachings saturating Christian consciousness these days that would have you believe that if we are not pumping out miracles three times a week (Wednesday night and twice on Sunday) fifty-two weeks a year, that we are somehow failing to realize the kingdom of God.

Young people are being especially affected. Young people are being enticed to “greatness” and “realizing their destiny,” and being “world changers” by performing “signs and wonders.” Kingdom greatness is defined by being the servant of all, not by being the most prolific wonder-worker. The fabric of the kingdom of God is sonship, not the working of miracles.

God has spoken to us in these last days, in, through, and by the Son . . . literally, in a sonly way (Heb. 1:1). Sonliness is the final word of God to humanity. Sonliness is the seedbed from which every other facet of kingdom expression must derive (including signs and wonders) or that expression, whatever it is, is an illegitimate expression, and perhaps even an anti-Christ one. By making a legitimate subordinate value an ultimate value, many individuals and ministries who promote the signs and wonders paradigm have lost their way in Him. Their words, spirits, values, theologies, and methods frequently betray them as manifested by what I call a “bullying spirit.”

Many of the individuals who are deeply vested in the so-called signs and wonders movement, will use intimidation of various sorts (spiritual, psychological, theological) to bully you into agreeing with them or demeaning you by making you feel inadequate, inferior, or incomplete because you do not share the same enthusiasm as they do for the alleged “pursuit of the supernatural.” This childish bullying spirit is frequently accompanied by a form of elitism that is condescendingly dismissive of others.

Dear ones, lift up your heads. Do not let the immature or the ignorant bully you and rob you of the joys of your inheritance-your sonship. Paul said the world is waiting for the manifestation of sons  (sons and daughters) not wonder workers. All sons may work wonders, but not all wonder workers will be sons.

Pray that the Lord of all mercies will have mercy on us all and save us from our own blind pursuits—even those done in His Name with a Bible under our arm and a worship chorus on our lips.


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3 comments on “Sons and Miracle-Bullies

  1. Steve: I mostly agree with your position on this topic; but I have already outlived ‘Jesus’ and many sons just don’t know who they are in Him. That said, when we begin to remember who we were in creation before formation, our creative and supernatural abilities will begin to appear all around us. It too am done with the dog and pony shows to which we all have been exposed; but let us not be guilty of throwing out the baby with the bath water, just because we understand a few things that were once was lost to us. Blessings!

  2. AMEN and GLORY TO GOD! maturity is lacking in these circles, walking it out with JESUS and a deep intimacy with HIM and HIS WORD has been replaced by an hyperchrsitianity to perform , that love is not love unless one walks in the supernatural wonders and signs…. this wicked and evil generation seeks after signs and wonders and they shall receive none but the sign of Jonah. Have you perhaps sought to place GOD in a box by saying that HE;s outside the box? that HE would perform at our mere words and fingetips, that we would be seeing HIS miracles and signs always, and what about HIS WORD and KINGDOM Gospel of Salvation is this also being brought along w/the miracles? Sadly I see little of that , they are merely sowing , yes sowing but what for GOD’s LOVE is more than just signs and wonders is it NOT? I have heard that they would leave HIS WORD out many times so as to not allow the unbelievers to feel religiosity or offend them with HIS WORD so that they may encounter HIM and HIS KINGDOM unadulterated by religious words from HE BIBLE? who are we kidding here brethren? any red flags goin up IN THE SPIRIT YET? Sonce when was HIS ORD not enough to save and heal and transform and resurrect? Is HE NOT THE WORD made flesh. will not the signs follow those who believe and proclaim the KINGDOM message of repentance unto salvation unto JESUS CHRIST? Be warned the LORD has warned us of such men and doctrines . yes LOVE but do not despise HIS KINGDOM GOSPEL for JESUS taught often, HE is the WORD and those who were healed by HIM were commanded to go and sin no more .. are we doing the same here? or perhaps doing HOLY SPIRIT drivebys to what end? Have u seen any of these people after such encounters w/ Heaven thru us HIS servants? I have …many return to their mundane lost lives why? caus eof lack of discipleship…lack of the WORD of GOD that is what saves and transforms not the healings but Grace thru faith and faith thru the hearing of the WORD OF GOD! These signs have never left them who truly walk in HIS anointing and LOVE and POWER ! The called out ones KNOW HIM and they KNOW that its HIM who does these things thru HIS SPIRIT and HIS WORD who shall believe w/ot seeing , they are BLESSED INDEED! AMEN

  3. Identity in CHRIST is key brother but we must not add or take away from HIS WORD , what HE commanded us to do …..CHRIST Must be Preached , for it is HIS GLORY lest in our folly we begin to think that we are CHRIST and although we are HIS BODY , HE IS THE HEAD and we should NEVER forget that! HE is seeking a place to rest HIS HEAD …will HE find any faith left when HE returns? I pray HE does and much of it in JESUS NAME AMEN

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