You Can’t Race Chickens!

The matter of the gifts of the Spirit can get passions aroused. I confess to being a life-long charismatic. However, I also confess that there is a lot of nonsense in my branch of the family of God.

I recently shared a message with my friends in Spokane, WA on this topic, but I did it from a non-Pentecostal, non-Charismatic perspective. I shared from a perspective I never have before, and the meeting was uniquely “presenced.”

My premise is that the healthy expression of the gifts of the Spirit is not based on feelings, emotions, marathon praise and worship sessions, “anointing” or such things. They work by identity, faith, and love. We do not need to excel in the “anointing.” We need to excel in love.

If this topic is of interest to you, you might enjoy this message.

You Can’t Race Chickens

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4 comments on “You Can’t Race Chickens!

  1. You are absolutely rigth my Friend. In my last study of “the gift’s of the Spirit”, I believe I heard Conclusively, that The Spirit , himself is our gift and the ‘gift’s’ belong to Him. This would keep us from exercising these gift’s at our discretion, which we would be inclined to abuse. These gift’s belong to the “Spirit of Christ” residing in us and are only released through us when done in the love [power] of Jesus in us, ie. In Jesus Name [character]. The power and annointing are both the “Love” of Christ on us and in us. His power and love flowing through us, to other’s.~~ In His Name ~~

  2. Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, if I have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

    How often do we forget that Paul wrote the “Love Chapter” right smack in the middle of a passage concerning the proper operation of the gifts. But then, when have we ever cared about proper context while interpreting Scripture.

  3. Excellent message – I found myself laughing out loud because the many stories you tell hit so close to home in the churches we have been a part of. After listening, I am realizing my need to become more confident in the fact that I am a blessing and other people need the deposit that God has put in me. The stuff about flowing in the gifts of the spirit whether we feel spiritual or have recently failed is excellent too.

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