What is REAL Spiritual Warfare? PART TWO

Warrior Statue Silhouette and Orange SkyThe response I have received on the original post on real spiritual warfare has been overwhelmingly positive! Thank-you to all who have communicated/posted. However, there were a few voices of criticism who are not too happy with me. Oh, well. Anything worth anything is going to be criticized. Maybe I need to be criticized. On the other hand, maybe the nerve that needed to be hit was hit, and the toe that needed to be stepped on, was. An arrow that hits the intended target is likely to get a reaction. No big deal. Goes with the territory.

I am including here two examples of what real spiritual warfare based on incarnational and transformational authority looks like to me. These testimonies are examples of spiritual warfare that actually MAKES A DIFFERENCE in time and space, rather than esoteric spiritual exercises, that are constitutionally unable to be evaluated for legitimacy and effectiveness. When God really speaks to, in, and through (declaraction/proclamation) through His kingdom-aligned people, in real authority in their metron (sphere of assignment and relationship) in a real prophetic dimension, things on earth REALLY change!

My point is, what I wrote is not theory. Incarnational/transformational spiritual warfare is effective in an observable way, not in an “invisible” way. LOVE WORKS. Laid down lives work. Faith works. These things–naked and unadorned with hyper-charismatic spiritual gymnastics–simply work. Our gymnastics are simply not required. They might be engaged in, but they are not definitive.

Honesty requires we view with a high degree of skepticism, spiritual practices that we might engage in, that as far as we can tell, neither Jesus nor any apostle ever practiced! Honesty requires we either face the fact that our belief systems and practices imply there was something they did not understand or “missed” and that we are now “restoring” or “fulfilling” (an idea I find laughable, but for some, it is their view) or,  what we may be involved in is . . . biblically baseless fantasy. It might be worse. we could be dabbling in occult pragmatism without knowing it.

We HAVE BEEN GIVEN all things necessary for life and godliness. We just need to believe them, appropriate them, and live them at any cost . . .  by being living sacrifices for the world.  Spiritual gymnastics are thrilling. Loving well, loving deeply, loving long, loving in the face of opposition, in order to see others set free, is costly not necessarily thrilling.  You can’t accomplish with forty-five minutes of enthusiastic singing, shouting, and and declaring what requires a life laid down in love. If there is substance in our life, then our decrees will have substance. Decrees without substance are so much noise. See Jeff’s testimony below for an example of a  “decree with substance.”

I know these two brothers personally. It is an honor to walk with them.

Last month I was in Costa Rica where we have a house and business. There had been an armed home invasion by a gang of masked thugs on our land that threatened the lives of a couple who worked with us. Thankfully, they were physically unharmed, although traumatized enough to move back to the states.
I worked putting in security measures, alarms, lights, steel bars etc.. praying for wisdom. Other violent invasions were occurring in the area almost daily. The whole coast was under a cloud of terror.
One morning I opened Psalm 37. The word declares that the wicked will fade and the righteous will inherit the land, and prosper and be safe. I felt in my heart this was a direct Psalm for us at this time and to declare and release this over the sphere in which I have been given authority. I shared this with others who agreed in prayer to live in faith and not cave to fear.
Within two weeks the gang of criminals, eight in all, were apprehended and charged with armed robbery, assault and murder of a storekeeper’s daughter. A week later a strange incident of a speed boat carrying over a ton and a half of cocaine ran ashore on the beach down the road and the drugs were seized. the whole community is breathing a sigh of relief, the peace and shalom that had been disturbed was now back in place.
The evil was displaced by a greater albeit more subtle authority. There were no rallies or meetings it was just a couple of folks with a word operating within their sphere to release light in a dark situation.
In agreement with Steve’s article I would hope that we can all function within our metron and wage peace. Displacing evil by being incarnate carriers of light and hope for those around us. The good seed are the kids of the kingdom sown into the world.
pura vida, Jeff
I’m working with a former group of thugs call the Island Boys.  They are big vessels for the Light and are gaining a new reputation.  (The town council doesn’t have marijuana smoke wafting through their offices anymore!)  They have moved from just hanging out under the trees, taking drugs, getting drunk, stealing and intimidating even government agencies, to bidding for the District job of collecting the tax revenue for the local town council at their Taxi Park.  They have now won the tender and will soon start work as they develop individually and corporately for the benefit of the community.  They are such a threat to the present regime that 300,000 shillings was gathered a couple of weeks back to purchase the services of a witch doctor to bewitch the Island Boys. We did not organize any meetings to break the strongholds, but simply put our faith in the authority and superiority of the Lord Jesus with no fear.  Soon after, the District Office awarded this job to the Island Boys.  Then, one of the two taxis that had been given by the President of Uganda to the Island Boys, but which were stolen in 2009, was discovered.  Some of the present regime are in danger of prison time.  And, quietly, one person at a time, the Lord is changing this nation from one that was rooted in witchcraft to one that is slowing moving from the status of undeveloped to developed.  The victory has been won.  It just simply needs to be applied.  This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become part of the new creation.  The old life has gone; the new life has come.
Paul Hunter


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2 comments on “What is REAL Spiritual Warfare? PART TWO

  1. Well, they did criticise and find fault with Jesus himself,so don’t make much of it 🙂
    I’ve found Faith is not Blind but based on the word of The almighty God “something concrete and measurable” We rather be blind in faith. For it absolves us of all responsibility for “he will do it if he wants”
    We’ve forgotten “having a readiness to revenge all obedience When our obedience is fulfilled” 2Cor 10:6 and the bondage of sin over creation will be lifted by children becoming Sons, “A la” Romans. 8.
    Keep challenging us to resist vain traditions and dogmas and renew our minds to think in his truth

    • Hey Owen, thanks. well said about “faith being blind.” If that is the case, it makes discernment irrelevant. Just because faith is the evidence of things not seen, DOES NOT mean we do not evaluate spiritual and prophetic things, especially when someone claims to use the name of the Lord: “God told me”, “God said” blah blah, If someone says that, the rest of us have the right to evaluate it, and pulling the “faith is not seen” card . . . is bogus.

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