What Does “Kingdom Government” Look Like?

Key to my heartKingdom government is not about authority and ruling. It is about restoring and replicating in humanity, the love the Father and Son have for, and in, each other. Where love is perfected, authority is not necessary. There is no hierarchy, government or “ruling over” in the Trinity. Just shared, interpenetrating, eternal, self-sacrificial love!

Do a word study some time on the “God is” statements of scripture. You will find things like: God is love, God is righteous, God is true, etc. What will be conspicuously absent is: “God is authority.” Why?

Where love is perfected, there is nothing to “rule!”

The Trinity does not need to “rule” itself like the possibility of fragmentation exists as if the Son and the Spirit might someday operate independently from under the “Father’s executive headship and governmental authority!” Of course, this is absurd, preposterous–and unfortunately the way many view the Trinity.

God’s kingdom on earth should reflect His nature. The bond of maturity/completeness (KJV: perfection) is love, not authority. Authority is only a remedial necessity to restrain chaos in a fallen world when the power of love is not present, weak, or has failed. Authority/ruling is not kingdom normative–love is.

The more mature we become, the more we realize his kingdom, the less we will talk about authority and government, and the more we will talk about and demonstrate, love.  Authority and love are both, indeed, kingdom qualities of this present age, but they are inversely proportional.

A family held together primarily by authority, is no real family. It is a regime. The relational has suffered/yielded, perhaps even to the point of extinction, to the “governmental.” Love is the bond of a healthy, functional family, with authority occasionally necessary to prevent chaos.  The Trinity is not a managed regime. It is an eternally sweet familial, self-sacrificial, covenantal unity of diversity, bound by perfect love. God’s family on earth should reflect the same.


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7 comments on “What Does “Kingdom Government” Look Like?

  1. I was just pondering the nature of true authority this last week. The conclusion I reached was that true authority flows out of true love. It also flows out of a true understanding of who we are and what we have been called to do. It seems that false authority flows out of a grasping for something we can’t really have, and a desire to rule over those who haven’t been entrusted to us relationally. For example, I can give my 14 year old son temporary authority when he is babysitting the other children. But, if one of the young ones just simply decides they will NOT obey, my 14 year old son will likely have to call in the true authorities to deal with the situation. He can stomp his feet and threaten them into obeying him, but he doesn’t really possess much authority over them, only what we as parents can give him. The reason the younger children respect and obey us, but don’t tend to respect and obey our 14 year old son quite as well is because we as the parents truly love them, and they have been relationally entrusted to us. Also, our authority over Demonic spirits and sickness comes to mind… Knowing who we really are in Christ, what Christ has accomplished, and possessing real love for those who are in bondage, gives us true authority.

  2. ……On to something here, my brother. As we come to realize that the purpose of the New administration is to actually permit us the opportunity to learn how to partake of His Nature and be conformed accordingly, we will quite Nature-ly find His “govering” in our midst. Thanks for such a insightful post!

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