Spiritual Fathering

I recently had the privilege of doing a podcast with my friend, Stevie Bremner in Peru, regarding the issue of “spiritual fathering:” what is legitimate, and what isn’t.  If you are interested, you can have a listen here:


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  1. My friend,

    I recently discovered your blog via another blog, (I cannot remember which one, I apologize!), and bookmarked it for later perusal and investigation. You and I have much in common, to be sure.

    I am a prophet through Ephesians 4:11, a covenant son of God through Romans 8:14, and a spiritual son to Jim McNally through 1 Corinthians 4:15. Jim has even written about The Sonship message:
    He is a spiritual father, ala Paul to Timothy, for many of us.

    Anyways, I simply wished to extend a greeting and a small intro to you and yours. It seems right for me to do so. 🙂

    All hail The Living God, indeed.
    Donald Borsch Jr.

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