Opinions or Life? What Do We Value?

Would you listen to, or value the opinion, of someone who has memorized a restaurant’s menu, can explain it in flawless detail, can argue why their restaurant preference is better than the restaurant down the street, but who has actually never tasted the food on the menu they are talking about? We do it in Christianity all the time. We think accurate mastery of Bible stuff = life and substance. We think because we can explain the life of Jesus or Paul, that we possess the life of Jesus or Paul. Not necessarily. Just because someone has a strong opinion on a trendy topic based on the latest book they’ve read, or can debate this or that doctrine, or understands the Bible, etc., does not mean he or she is worth listening to . . . even if their stuff is “right.” It is those for whom the word has become flesh, those who are living it, not philosophizing about it, that are worth being listened to. Any fool can have an opinion on the restaurant. Only those who have paid the price to eat a meal there, are worth listening to.



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5 comments on “Opinions or Life? What Do We Value?

  1. Love the analogy – that is right on!! I’ve been there myself – all information, but no revelation. Walking, talking bible dictionaries, but blind guides. Love ya

  2. that is an excellent anology–I have one I use against biblisism but its a little more controversial–say a young girl of 18 wants to get pregnant so as to have a baby-she can get a book that tells her all the truth about how to achieve this and she believes it but until she has male sperm put into her so it can unite itself to her ovium she will not have the new creation of another human being inside of her–I don’t care how much she believes the book it will not be a reality without the experience–not only that but in the greek of the gospel of john chapter three jesus says that the second birth has the same source as the first birth–its in the bowels of humans not the brain.

  3. Thanks..I got that out of Kenneth Wuests translation..plus I have had this thing going on with The Lord about where the spirit being is located in our human body and a lot of folks have told me I should not be worried about it..so I told papa that if he wanted to he could tell me..otherwise I would just not be concerned and the other day he said to me as I was reading Wuests translation..ok Ken there is your answer.

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