New Creation Prayer – Part 1 – What is Intercession?

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NC prayer.001Every generation is entitled to its own burning bush experiences. However, it is always a mistake to build altars at burning bushes.

The Welsh Revival was one of the greatest in the modern era.  It was distinguished by unique Holy Spirit manifestations and subjective experiences. Regrettably, the revival was short-lived and derailed into cultishness.  Near the end of his life Evan Roberts, the individual most associated with the movement, is reported to have said, “Oh, that I had taught them doctrine!”  When unique manifestations happen, we get to enjoy them.  We just can’t build with them and shouldn’t structure for them.[i]

We do not want anyone who is enjoying a unique season of freshness of life in the Holy Spirit to be derailed. However, the danger of being derailed from the simplicity that is in Christ is always present in an atmosphere of manifestations. In our time, the emphasis on manifestations has negatively influenced both our theology and practice of prayer and intercession.

In my own life, there’s frequently a cleansing and softening that goes on in me whenever I am brought to tears of brokenness. Emotions, feelings, and unique manifestations often play a role for those of us who belong to a supernatural God.  However, these things do not establish us. We need to be firmly established in Christ, our Redeemer in Zion, as revealed in Scripture, not manifestations and Old Covenant models.

No topic could be more foundational than new creation praying.  Misunderstanding clouds the topic, largely because of the dominance of religious traditions [including those from within charismatic, prophetic, and apostolic circles.  Prayer—conversing with our Father in heaven—is to be as simple and practical as talking with your best friend or favorite relative.  Two-way conversations are essential for us to know and do the will of God.  A “paper trail” leads us to effective praying.

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. – James 5:16b

New Covenant Scriptures can open our understanding about new creation praying. In this book, we will consider (1) the early church model, (2) Jesus’ prayers, (3) Paul’s prayers, (4) intercessors and (5) New Covenant believers (new creation saints).

By Don Atkin

To be continued . . .

[i] Dr. Stephen R. Crosby, Revising Revival: A New Covenant Perspective on 2 Chronicles 7:14.

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  1. Sounds like you’re heading into an area the church never ever teaches or touches on and that is EQ. The church is big on IQ but never EQ. Yet EQ is what takes us to the Father.

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