Money and the Church: Podcast with Family Room Media

I had the privilege of doing a podcast associated with the release of our new book, Money and the Church, with our friends at family Room Media, David Fredrickson, Loren Rosser, and Bob Humphrey. It seemed like it was an invigorating dialogue. Check it out if you are interested.

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    Ok……here’s some truth for ya! Check your check book and it will reveal your heart! You put your cash where your heart is.
    Perhaps the last major opposition the Church is overcoming is the bondages of money and giving. Walking in the Kingdom is definitely different than “going to church” and the difference is no more observable than in the arena of giving.
    Crosby has a new book out that addresses this critical issue and this is a radio interview that discusses the premise of the book. I would recommend listening to the interview and getting a copy of the book! You will find it not only challenging to existing religious paradigms, it will provide you an opportunity to enter Kingdom function in your giving. Peace!

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