Love Must Be Free

God’s kingdom is one of freedom. Nothing is forced. Even the good things are not forced upon us. If we try to “force” (persuade) God’s good things on others, we misrepresent our Father and we have failed in love, even with good intentions, message, motive, and methods–good “kingdom stuff.”

Forced love is rape. We try to force truth/love (God is love, God is truth) on people who do not even want to be inseminated, and call it “evangelizing.” People do not need to hear our “stuff,” even our good stuff. People need to smell an aroma of the Bread of Life, take a bite out of us, and because the taste is of the Bread of Life, experience DIVINELY CREATED APPETITE. Then they will be ready to hear about, more accurately, eat of, the One we say we represent. Telling people about the Bread of Life, and becoming the One Loaf with others for the world to feed on, to taste and see of THE Bread of Life, are two unrelated universes.

Telling people is like reading a restaurant menu to someone, but never buying them a meal. They heard about food accurately, but they have eaten nothing, so they still go away hungry. They’ve “heard the gospel” and now they are “accountable for their soul” and we’ve “done our bit for Jesus.” One is shortcut Christian religion, the other is the costly reality of the Way, Truth, and the Life that the world is hungry to see. Gospel proclamation is not about “sowing the seed of the Word” into the world, the gospel is proclaimed by sowing US into the world as seed (Mt. 13:38).

5 comments on “Love Must Be Free

  1. Steve, This message is truly truth revealed and how wonderful this truth is! Oh that Christ’s very being would be in all of us who believe, revealing His love in the world. “If you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise” – the good seed , sons of the kingdom sown into the world to reveal Christ and His ways; to grow up in this world amongst the sons of the evil ones (tares); and to shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of our Father. bless you, Jean

  2. Very beautiful Steve, you do all things well. I get kind of hungry for you myself. Barry
    Again with your permission i would like to pass this on to other. B

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