Is It Necessary for Christians to Attend Church Meetings?

groupThe twitterverse and blogosphere is all abuzz with response and reaction to Donald Miller’s post about how he doesn’t attend church any more. Some time ago, I had the privilege of recording a podcast with my good friend, Steve Bremner of Fire on Your Head Ministries,  on the topic at hand. For the interested, you can listen to it here.

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  1. Steve – I think your link to Donald Miller’s post is broken – I had to remove an extra http// from the link to get it to work. Blessings, Chad

  2. Hi Steve,  Saw this today. FYI I haven’t attended church in at least 5 months. Just got so tired of it, and just can’t do it anymore. Tired of listening to things that are irrelevant, peripheral, or just plain nonsense.

      After leaving, my relationships within the Christian Community here have not suffered, but in fact have improved. Over the last 6 months I have been plugging in quite a bit with a single Christians group out of the Triad; folks about my age (for the most part) who love Jesus and value community. Last month we all went up to Sugar Mountain for a weekend of fellowship & skiing; a wonderfully rich time. Without any agenda, we shared from our hearts things that brought great encouragement to all. Natural & effortless. Periodically we will take a day trip together to various places. Recently there was visitation to some local old age homes. I could go on. Not sanctioned by any church, not under the control of any denominational body…. just a group of believers who love Jesus and are enjoying experiencing life together in Him.

      I could never go back to the stale, lonely, rigid environment that “church” offers.

      Plus there is something else that I was planning on writing you about sometime soon, so might as well share now. I find, with rarely an exception, that mentioning “church” to folks in conversation, or religion, is looked upon so negatively and with so much baggage attached to it that I find it’s better to avoid those terms altogether. I used to think it was just because people were “running from God” and that sort of thing. Although that may apply in some cases, I’m finding that there’s a host of folks that express a legitimate issue. Whether it be past abuse, someone they know who was abused or indoctrinated, seeing the tele-evangelists of today, or whatever. Can we blame them for their attitudes? So I do my best to stick with Jesus, relationship over religion, and then typically get off the topic and just be a real person around them and get to know them over time, and see where it leads.

    • Hi Harry, I understand. In public conversation I try to avoid referring to myself as a “Christian” (because I am not, in how it is culturally defined) and the “church.” The baggage in those terms is insurmountable. Two of the most fruitful years of my life were working in an office for the Census Bureau. I received ZERO resistance from unbelievers if I talked about Jesus and His kingdom. Talking about “church” and “Christianity” and no one was interested. I had the privilege of renewing faith in some folks who were borderline apostate god-haters because of what they had experienced in “church” and to see them renewed to faith by emphasizing Jesus and His kingdom and by being honest about the apostate corruption in what presents itself as the “church.” I touched more people for Christ in those 2 years than the previous twenty combined when I was stuck in the straight jacket of a “pulpit” in a “church.” Two of the best yeas of my life in kingdom living.

  3. Hi Steve, you may have opened a can of worms here- no you have! and I know what will follow.Get your full armour on ! We were House-Church in the 70s and it produced a huge amount of flak. We were led by Janet’s cousin who had been a monk and then an Anglo-catholic priest , and then an evangelical charismatic priest and then finally with his resignation of Anglicanism and his priesthood- it was just us, a small but intimate gathering of those who really wanted to press forward into relationship and not church.
    We all knew how to do church, This was different and costly. But so many openings of the Spirit to bring us to maturity in Jesus. Free at last-free at last, thank God Almighty-free at last.
    Still read you a lot, but am still very sore in my bereavement. The life i once had has completely gone. But it is safe with God now.
    Yours affectionately
    barry sillitoe

  4. In 1989 I was anointed to Fast (had to be HIM as I battled with addiction to food previously), two 40 day fasts… with a short break in between. While on these fasts I was told before hand to surrender ALL so Father can give me His Vision for my life, a Vision of the Future of the Church, (sent you the link already in another post), and a Vision of what was to come Globally, which would bring about a Spiritual Renaissance. The Spirit of the Lord showed me what HE was going to be/is doing.

    I gradually received the fulfillment of most of it over the past 25 years and am now seeing the Spiritual Renaissance which Father spoke of unfolding, according to what HE said HE would do, (there is more).

    At that time He told me that He was going to call me to a season of consecration and sanctification like nothing I’d known to date. He told me to come out of Church. I said if this is you, make it happen. He told me what would take place and brought it into Being. I have not been a part of Church Services/Conventions and the like since 1989, Father has kept me as I have trusted HIM completely. I have always been in fellowship with true Believers… those Father chose for each season of that Journey. Some, as promised were milestones, as they too had been told to come out … some as early as the 60’s… (some entered Home Churches, which quickly turned into another organized group. The members did not surrender to the flow of the Holy Spirit, but had a program according to the leaders/groups concept of what they thought they ‘should’ do, eventually they left that too, to just go with Father’s flow and manifested will, day by day). Father has been faithful to keep us in HIS love with Wisdom/even when we went through our Dark Night of the Soul and Spiritual Senses.

    I think most if not all of us will face a dark night of our soul and spiritual senses and or go through a Job type of experience. It causes us to search our soul and to see illusions we were unaware of, as well as exposes lies which are untested by the one believing they are truth; the one who judges our heart. It causes us to put our trust in HIS Holy Spirit within, in who HE is as His Kingdom Rule in our hearts causes our hearts and will become as ONE.

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