The Other Guy is . . .

Our Candidate is . . . . . .Their Candidate is . . .

TOLERANT                                     LACKING CONVICTION

JUST HUMAN                                UNETHICAL

FRUGAL                                           STINGY

CARING                                            A SENTIMENTALIST

HONEST                                           INSENSITIVE

HOPEFUL                                        NAÏVE

A REALIST                                       TOO NEGATIVE

SENSITIVE                                      LACKING COURAGE

FORGETFUL                                   INSINCERE

JUST                                                  UNFORGIVING

NUANCED                                       INCONSISTENT


GENEROUS                                     A SPENDTHRIFT

A PEACE MAKER                           A COMPROMISER

HARD WORKING                          DRIVEN BY AMBITION

EASY GOING                                   LAZY

DISCIPLINED                                  WOUND TOO TIGHT

DISCERNING                                  JUDGMENTAL

HUMAN                                            AN IDIOT

LOVING                                            SENTIMENTAL

A DISCIPLINARIAN                      HARSH

COMMITTED                                  RIGID

MERCIFUL                                      WISHY-WASHY

VERY SOCIAL                                 A BROWN-NOSER

UNDERSTANDING                        SPINELESS

DELIBERATIVE                              INDECISIVE

BOLD                                                 RISKY

RELIABLE                                        A SLAVE TO ROUTINE

DECISIVE                                         SHORT-SIGHTED

SOPHISTICATED                           A SNOB

PRINCIPLED                                  INFLEXIBLE

DETAIL ORIENTED                      OBSESSIVE

ORDERED                                        CONTROLLING



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2 comments on “The Other Guy is . . .

  1. Quite a list, Steve, that covers a lot of ground. Thought provoking and/or hopefully more Spirit provoking. You sum it up quite nicely with answer to the struggle; referring to Ephesians:
    ‘Be constantly being filled with the Spirit’
    And, as you say, [Only the Holy Spirit in and through us] As in the sweet sweet Holy Spirit.
    To God be the Glory

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